lore x cecilia Byron bay shooting


Photography by Cécilia Thibier


Based in the beautiful town of Biarritz in the south west of France, Cecilia Thibier is a very talented self-taught photographer. Seven years ago, she decided to quite her highly regarded job as a journalist in Paris to move to the coast, following her heart and her passion : surfing, women and photography all together.

Cecilia is one of those amazing humans that doesn’t think twice when making a decision, she’s a go-getter filled with the most positive energy we’ve ever seen.

Her and her little family travel the world every year to escape French winter and chase waves. This year, they decided to come live the Australian dream in Byron bay in search of perfect longboarding waves and talented lady loggers.

Here’s a little visual story we shot on a hot day in the Bay with 'Mademoiselles of the Sea' Ivy Thomas, Roisin Carolan and Laure Mayer.