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Wetsuit Collection

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Discover our

new collection

“Because every woman is different, every surf outfit should be unique”


“Our collection this year will give you endless possibilities of mix & matching crop tops, leggings and swimsuits to create your own style.

Choose from our selection of harmonious, soft & delicate color shades and prints to find the perfect suit.”

- Lore of the Sea





Our Vision



Lore of the Sea is dedicated to creating the perfect skins for the sea addressed to every women with discerning tastes.

We design unique, limited edition suits with a special attention to technical details and flawless finish.

Because the ocean is our playground, we decided to remain slow fashion. We refuse to over-produce and waste, choosing to sell quality over quantity.

Proudly working on a human level with small manufacturers, you can be assured that you are supporting fair trade and ethically made swimwear.

Buy quality, surf in style & ride with a smile.

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The designer



The Mademoiselle herself grew up in the beautiful Basque Country of southern France until she found a strong connection to the lifestyle and surf obsessed community of Byron Bay, Australia in 2012. Since then she's been living the endless summer between those two places.

Her surfing journey began at a young age and it wasn’t long before longboarding became an addiction.

Shortly after followed the dream and desire to create the perfect surf outfits.

So, she learnt everything she needed to be able to make her own patterns, and sew up the prototypes herself to test their feel in action.

Lore of the Sea’s designs are practical, playful and perfect for any surf condition.

You will find in each one of them little details that make the difference for a high quality product that is not only good looking but functional.