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Lola & Millie - Video

The beauty of living in Byron Bay is that you don’t need to travel anywhere to meet friends from all over the world.

Just before our trip to Mexico (story coming up soon!), we got to share some super fun peelers with Lola Mignot from Mexico/France and Millie Nabeshima from California/Japan - yep, this town is pretty multicultural! -.

With the change of seasons the air has become a bit more crisp but the water remains so warm that it’s enjoyable to surf in our bikinis and surfsuits.

Let me introduce these two beautiful Mademoiselles of the Sea we shared the day with:

Lola Mignot, semi french, semi mexican, living in the famous spot of Sayulita, Mexico. She comes to Australia regularly, usually around the Byron Bay Surf Festival & Noosa Festival to take part in the competitions.

Lola is one of the most stylish longboarders we’ve met - there isn’t much more to say, her surfing just flows gracefully.

Millie Nabeshima, born and raised by her Japanese family in the heart of California has been living in Byron Bay for the past few months. She is the cutest surfer out there, a super-tanned ballerina with a constant smile on her face. You’ll see her in the ocean pretty much every day as she barely takes a day off surfing!

Here are a few shots of that day taken by Jemma Scott 

LOLA AND LAURE SURFERS lola mignot longboarder surf bikini

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