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I don't know where to start… so here's a quick summary:

* Longest left ever
* Best crew gathered in one magical place for a full week
* Daily good vibes, boogies and smiles
* And last but not least; cheap beers, coconuts and tacos!


Lore in Mexico

Now that you’ve got the overall vibe let us explain the history of this unique festival/surf competition and how it works.
It all started with Israel Preciado's dream to create a classic longboarding event in his home country of Mexico.

At 18 years old, Israel was denied entry the USA to attend a longboarding competition in California. On that day he promised himself that one day he would organise his own event, bringing the top international surfers to Mexico to compete alongside Mexican surfers. 
Nearly two decades later, he started the MEXILOGFEST, an invitational logging competition that gathers about 150 of the best loggers in the world for a full week of not only competition, but more importantly, fun.
Israel had his own vision of how a surf competition should be run: every competitor gets to surf 3 heats. A ranking is then made adding everyone’s best 2 waves of each heat, resulting in a score based on 6 waves. From that ranking, the top 16 goes to quarter finals, and so on. This concept is definitely the best competition concept we’ve ever seen or heard of as it allows everyone who made the trip to Mexico to keep surfing in the contest for a week! 
Finally, another great feature of Israel’s event is equality. Men and women receive equal prize money, predating recent moves by the World Surf League and the Vans Duct Tape Invitational to do the same.
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Check out the Mexilogfest website and instagram for more photos and updates on next year's event.
Photography by Sarah Lee & Bryanna Bradley


Posted on 25/06/2019