Our Mission

Our Mission

Committed to design principles that make surfing a fun, hassle free and stylish experience, Lore of the Sea is dedicated to all the women seeking style, uniqueness and practicality while doing what they love.

Lore of the Sea is a unique creative project motivated by the desire to create the perfect skins for the sea.

Lore of the Sea features pieces for all women of discerning tastes with a focus on making unique designs that are only available in limited editions.

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Committed to having a small carbon footprint

We believe in ethically made, slow fashion that allows you to look your best while doing what you love while making sure we don’t harm the environment. 

We pride ourselves in making high quality gear that will last for many seasons! Making sure to always use recycled & sustainable fabrics where we can.

As such, our pieces are designed and produced sustainably with the ocean in mind.

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The designer

The designer

The Mademoiselle herself grew up in the beautiful Basque country of Southern France until she found a strong connection to the lifestyle and surf community of Byron Bay, Australia in 2012.

Her surfing journey began at a young age and it wasn’t long before longboarding became an addiction.

Shortly after followed the dream and desire to create the perfect surf outfits.
...So, she learnt everything she needed to be able to make her own patterns, and sew up the prototypes herself to test their feel in action.

Laure's designs are practical, playful and perfect for any surf condition.

You will find in each one of them little details that make the difference for a high quality product that is not only good looking but functional.