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We went to Noosa  for the legendary yearly Noosa Surf festival. 

This festival has got to be the oldest “classic” longboarding festival that has ever existed showcasing single fin logging, old mal surfing in many different categories. A full week of traditional surfing mixing amateur and professional surfers. 

For those who don’t know, Noosa is that iconique headland north of Brisbane. A little surfer town that holds some of the best point breaks in Australia. Several little bays with amazing rolling rights that occasionally connect and offer the longest rides. 

I met Anais Pierquet, French longboarder living in Bali, up there. We got lucky to score 3 days of good swell during the festival. 

Not only did we get amazing waves, but we also got to surf with a whole bunch of incredible surfers. The line up on those days of swell was better than any longboard single fin video you can watch. All these amazing girls and guys were out there ripping right next to us being the biggest inspirations. 


Filmed and edited by Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers


All photos by Tracy Naughton @letmesea

Laure Mayer is wearing the ACOTZ CROPPED TOP and BIARRITZ BOTTOMS Vintage Blossom Anais Pierquet is wearing the LAFITENIA SURFSUIT Wild Spring.