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Smooth Assembles Vol.2

What does 3 years of surfing look like on Mademoiselle of the Sea surfer and film photographer Jordy Todd?


Jordy has been one of the most wholesome, feel-good connections that we’ve been lucky enough to make in the ocean. Her incredible energy oozes with confidence, sweet humour and a sense of complete, wild, freedom -- and we honestly can’t get enough!

A film photographer with a talent for the feminine and graceful, Jordy showcases the exact gifts that she aims to capture within only a few short years of getting on her first surfboard, a complete and utter shock to us the first time we saw her surf!

So, naturally, we’ve made her an honorary Mademoiselle of the Sea and brought her to an early morning shoot to showcase her smooth essence and easy footwork in the morning light. 

She wore our Artha One Piece Malva, talked about dancing through the waves, the feeling of the morning sunrise on her cheeks and absolutely captivated us the entire time.


Watch her in Smooth Assembles Vol. 2 for undeniable, sweet vibes below:

Filmed by Polly Grace & Clementine Bourke - Edit by Polly Grace @punch.tongue

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Posted on 03/03/2021