The Heart Behind Our Brand, a story by professional surfer & founder Laure Mayer

The Heart Behind Our Brand, a story by professional surfer & founder Laure Mayer

Made by women surfers for women surfers

Hello, Ocean Lovers ! Today, I'm taking a moment to share something very close to my heart—the story of our brand, a dream crafted with love, passion, and a sprinkle of salt water.

This isn't just a brand; it's a piece of my journey, a reflection of my love for the ocean, and a tribute to the incredible community of women who inspire me every day.



  It all started when I set foot in Australia back in 2011.

As a passionate surfer, I was on a quest for something that seemed elusive—a surf suit that didn't just look pretty but also hugged our curves in all the right places, offered support where we needed it, and protected us from the fierce Australian sun. I wanted something that made us feel unstoppable on the waves, without having to compromise on style or functionality. But this perfect blend just didn't exist, and that's when I knew I had to create it.



Starting this brand was like diving into uncharted waters. I had a vision but no map.

Learning to sew was my first stroke; then came the whirlwind of designing, prototyping, and testing.

It was a journey of discovery, filled with trials and errors, but every stitch brought me closer to bringing our dream to life. I wanted our pieces to be the epitome of quality and sustainability, even if it meant starting small. The challenge was real, but so was the thrill of creating something meaningful from scratch.


Surfing has been my life for over 15 years, and it's given me more than I could ever describe. It taught me resilience, joy, and the pure bliss of riding a wave. This connection to the ocean is at the core of our brand.

Every piece we create is tested by yours truly, ensuring it can withstand the demands of the sea and empower you to focus solely on the joy of surfing.

Because, at the end of the day, it's all about catching that perfect wave and feeling confident while doing it.



This brand is my heart, offered to you with all the love and passion I have. It's about us, our strength, our beauty, and our shared love for the ocean. It's about creating something that celebrates us, supports us, and protects us, so we can chase after our dreams without hesitation. Join me on this beautiful journey, where every piece we create isn't just clothing; it's a part of our shared story, woven with dreams, adventures, and endless waves. 


Thank you for being here, for sharing this journey with me, and for being a part of this beautiful community. Here's to many more adventures together, in and out of the water.

With all my love and gratitude.