lady loggers in surfsuits and surf swimwear

Lady loggers of The Bay - Shot on Film

- Words and photos by Dave Thew, film photographer -

There are a fair few lady loggers in Byron Bay. Some grew up here, some settled from afar, and a few are holiday-makers. Sure they have their differences, but they have a lot in common. Firstly, there are all regulars in the lineup out at Wategos and The Pass. Secondly, they all have heaps of fun in the water; smiles all round. Another thing they have in common is their elegance. Don’t get me wrong; some guys are great to shoot, but heaps move around like an old wombat (myself included!). All I have to do to get a decent photo of these girls is point the camera at them and they do all the work. These shots are from one of the usual fun days in The Bay. Warm water, blue skies, and party waves a plenty!


women surfing a perfect wave in black one piece swimsuit

Girls longboard byron bay

Surfer girls longboard surfsuits

Hang five surfboard one piece swimsuit

Roisin Carolan levitating in the Lafitenia Surfsuit

Roisin Carolan @roro.carolan wearing the Lafitenia Surfsuit
Laura Ashley @lovesundancekid wearing the Socoa Surfsuit
Stephanie Schechter @Stephanieschechter wearing the Artha One Piece
Laure Mayer @lauremyr wearing the Beltza One Piece

35mm film photos and words by Dave Thew