Three women are wearing surfsuits and a one piece with bright colors : orange and lavender. New collection Lore of the sea, UDA collection

Unveiling the UDA Collection

The word “UDA” is derived from the Basque word for “summer.” Our collection is inspired by the vibrant colors and mood of summer, reflecting the joyful essence of sunny days and serene beaches.

We created each piece to make you feel classy and confident while doing what you love. The UDA Collection is a harmonious blend functional surfwear and stylish swimwear, featuring bright, eye-catching colors that mirror the lively spirit of summer.

Our aim is to offer you pieces that are not only practical but also fashionable, merging the latest trends with timeless surfwear functionality. From sleek, streamlined surf suits to playful bikinis, each item in the collection is a testament to style and high performance, tailored just for you !

What makes our suits special is that every single piece is designed with the knowledge of its creator : a professional surfer !

Suit that gives you confidence and strength to embrace the waves with elegance. Whether you're going for a morning wave, enjoying a sunset surf, or just having a swim, the UDA Collection is your companion in all of your ocean adventures.

Committed to creating long lasting surfsuits we made this collection with high-quality recycled fabric, to respect one of our core value which is sustainable surfing.

By the way our suits are not only sustainable but also offers UPF 50+ UV sun protection, ensuring you’re guarded against the sun's harmful rays while you enjoy your time in the ocean. 


Dive into the UDA Collection, and let your surf journey begin. Embrace the energy of summer and the thrill of surfing. The UDA Collection is more than just surfwear; it’s a celebration of our surf lifestyle, a tribute to the environment and the spirit of summer.