mademoiselle of the sea isabelle braly hanging five in the Lafitenia Surfsuit

Mademoiselle of the Sea - Isabelle Braly

Living the dream in the most famous Australian East Cost surf town, Isabelle Braly is the definition of what we call a styler and we’re blessed to have her as one of our Mademoiselles of the Sea. 

Her surfing is the perfect combination of grace and style, combined with strong technique, and that rare sense of humbleness. 
Wearing the biggest smile, Izzy is a ball of positive energy and it’s always inspiring to surf around her. 

Here’s a little insight into Izzy’s busy life split between days at the beach, motherhood, and her professional life as a lawyer.

longboarder hanging ten in the Lafitenia Surfsuit Lore of the SeaBallerina style wearing the Lafitenia Surfsuit - Photo by @moceanmediahouse


LORE: Adopted Australian, you are originally from the US, where did you grow up and how did you get into surfing?

IZZY: I grew up on the beach in St Augustine, Florida. My dad owned the local surf shop. I had the luxury of being able to roll over in my bed an check the waves.

LORE: How long have you been surfing, and what types of boards do you ride?

IZZY: I started surfing on surfboards when I was about 7 years old. Prior to that I stood up and "surfed" on bodyboards. I mostly ride longboards but you can also catch me on the odd fat little shortboard as well. The last few years, I have been privileged with riding surfboards made by Thomas Bexon. Tom's boards have been magic for me.

Isabelle Braly and friend women surfers with surfboards

LORE: How did you end up in Australia? What made you decide to call Byron Bay home?

IZZY: I first came to Australia to surf and to study. I surfed a lot and studied a little. But then I ended up getting a professional job, falling in love, having a baby and now it's been 13 years!

LORE: You’ve been competing for years, on the LQS, the WSL’s Longboard tour, and at the Noosa Festival; which event was the most memorable for you? 

IZZY: I find this a difficult question to answer because I am not sure if I love any of the comps... anymore. Longboarding is easy for me to love but the professional women's longboarding tour is difficult for me to love. There are only a few competitions annually, the prize money is limited, the location of the competitions, like China, are often obscure and the waves generally are not dreamy.  

Izzy Braly hanging ten in Byron Baywomen back side hang five Critical section in the Parede Surf Tee - Photos by @moceanmediahouse

LORE: What events are you planning to enter this year?

IZZY: This year I don't have any plans to enter any big events. I entered the Noosa Logger, which was a nice weekend escape; and I will most likely enter the Evans Head Invitational in October. These are more family events which are more fun than professional.

LORE: How do you manage to train, keep surfing everyday while being a mom and having such an important job as being a lawyer?

IZZY: I juggle and do not prioritise sleep as much as I probably should. The baby/work life balance is a lie.

LORE: What’s your best surfing memory?

IZZY: Surfing Witch's Rock in Costa Rica with my long-time school Kristin. We thought we were the female versions of Pat and Wingnut from Endless Summer II. haha

LORE: Which surfing destination are you dreaming of going, or returning to?

IZZY: Awww the Telo Islands or Fiji look pretty good.

LORE: Who inspires you most in surfing? 

IZZY: Eric Walker. He is a local guy that absolutely loves to surf. He is in his sixties, hangs 10 everyday and reads waves with the utmost skill.

surfer girl hanging ten at The Pass Byron Bay

LORE: We love seeing you in Lore of the Sea; how do our pieces make you feel? what’s your favorite suit?

IZZY: I love the Lafitenia surfsuit. I've been wearing it to death. Its just so easy to wear. It's designed beautifully: good boob support, the long sleeves are great for sun protection and it stays on without having to readjust after every wave or whitewash.

Surfer in the Lafitenia surfsuit mauve pink Lore of the SeaRocking the Lafitenia Surfsuit - Photo by Michael Spazz

Date published 05/05/2016