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Mademoiselle of the Sea - Sierra Lerback

Sierra Lerback, 19 years old was lucky to be born in the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii.

We caught her surfing in one of our fist surfsuit designs the LOIA SURFSUIT.

Read her story below.


LORE: Tell us a bit about you, how long have you been surfing for, how did you get hooked? 

SIERRA: My fortunate upbringing on the island of Maui has given me the opportunity to have world class waves not even 10 minutes from my house, like Honolua bay. I have been surfing since i can remember- my dad put me on a board at the age of 3 & around the age of 7 I got my own board... And I was hooked! There are so many great waves on this little island, it's the perfect place for a surfer. 

LORE: What do you love most about surfing?

SIERRA: Being on a wave is the most invigorating feeling- almost like flying. I can never quite pin point what I love so much about surfing, it could be the countless hours of being in the ocean and washing all of my worries away, or just the lifestyle that goes with it. Surfing has brought so much happiness & experience to my life and it's my favorite thing in this world!  

LORE: How do you feel about being a female in the line up?

SIERRA: Being a female in the line up can be challenging at times, especially when you aren't at your local spots. I love it either way! Surfing with the boys always motivates me to go big. 

Sierra lerback surfer Hawaii

LORE: What’s your are favorite spot?

SIERRA: My favorite place to surf on Maui is Honolua bay- it's a dream. There are 5 different peaks there that are all absolutely perfect barreling waves in crystal clear water. 
My favorite wave to travel to would have to be in Noosa. Going to the Noosa Fest every year is the best excuse to score great waves and get to enjoy the atmosphere. 

LORE: Where are you dreaming to go surfing?

SIERRA: I'm dreaming about going to West Java! By the looks of it, there's perfect waves for any board.

LORE: How is life on such a beautiful Island like Maui ?

SIERRA: Being born and raised on an island has truly been a blessing. Surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, incredible beaches, and breathtaking views it's difficult to get bored here. It's a small island with a big family vibe- there's so much aloha and love for one another. The ocean is apart of most people's every day life and it brings us all together, whether it be surfing or just beach BBQs, everyone gets together and has a good time. 

LORE: Your favorite surf suit of Lore of The Sea?

SIERRA: My favorite surf suit is the Loia! It's the perfect suit to surf in & not to mention adorable. 

LORE: Who is your biggest inspiration in surfing?

SIERRA: My biggest surfing inspiration is Leah Dawson. She rips at everything she does with one of the most unreal styles I have ever witnessed! 

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Date published 03/12/2015